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this website has helped me so much

a good site

needless to say!

worth every penny

can't believe this, please adding more test bank


  • heidilove

    Was charged twice for the site. Kept getting an error during purchasing. Unable to get ahold of anyone.

  • Peachodyssey

    I would like ch 38 please,that is the whole reason I bought the materia,this sit had alot of improvements to do,its aweful right now really is,I will not be suggesting this site to knowone,I wish I had never paid for this stuff,just sad for me!!!!

  • dcstringer184409

    Is there a number I can reach someone at? It charged me $54 and didn’t give me access.

  • moreriva

    I was charged and don’t have access what can i do to get access or receive a refund?

  • Clepore90

    Why won’t it let me access the questions for the latter chapters? I will put a stop payment on my credit card if this is not resolved by tomorrow.

  • akfish1216

    I got charged for $54. Right now I am not able to access the books through my laptop. Please help out. Thank you

  • Bethany92

    I just got charged but can’t access can someone help?

  • lawjack

    Hi, I have the same issue as above. I’ve been charged but during registration, was told to contact the administration because there was an issue. I can’t access the contents. Please assist me, thanks.

  • ben_ikeh

    Please i cant have access to the site can you please help here?

  • daltonfisher010

    Hey! I’m trying to purchase the membership but every time i try it says paypal isn’t working? Help!!!

  • touyacaroline

    I am trying to purchase a membership but every time ill try it say that i cannot make live charges .

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